Monday, May 31, 2010

New Books and Illustrations

I've made some new books covered with some of my illustrations. A couple other new books are covered with some of my photos, and another has a cover of an old late 1800's photograph of a baseball player, Jack Clements. Now available in my shop. Soon will have 8x10 prints available of the illustrations, probably today.

The craft fair mentioned in my previous post, or rather, Scandinavian Days as its called (local cities were founded by people of largely Scandinavian heritage), was pretty much a bust for us (five books sold in two days), but pretty nice for my brother Eric, who we shared canopy space with. He's an oil painter, and he had paintings and prints of landscapes of the area. He sold four small paintings, and ten prints. He really needs to get into some galleries. He'd do well. I'll write more about his work tomorrow.

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