Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eric Paints Pictures

Original measures about 30" wide

My brother Eric and I shared a booth at the local Scandinavian Days festival this past weekend, and he did pretty well with his oil paintings and prints. Better than I'd expected, not because I don't think he can sell (I really think he can), but I didn't expect this to be the best venue for his work. Once he goes out and gets his work into a few galleries he'll be selling a half dozen or more paintings a year straightaway. And if his skill continues to progress at the rate it has been, he'll become not only quite good (as he is already), but very, very, (very) good in the next year or two. And within two to five years, a master. Although, he's made such a distinct breakthrough recently, that I may be overestimating. He may be better sooner.

Original measures 13.5" x 8.25"

The work here shows where he's at after about five years of oil painting, not all the time of which has been focused on landscapes. I'm not sure, but I believe he's painted less than a couple dozen landscapes (if that). The one at the top of this post, in person at least, being his strongest of the three shown here. He has one recent painting that he can't bring himself to part with. I rushed to make a reproduction of it, but it didn't come out right, and perhaps I'll share it at a later time once we have had a chance to sit down and get it right. It's probably his strongest painting to date. Although, all the paintings here, on my screen at least, look pretty accurate to the originals in color. They printed out fabulously on my Canon Pixma Pro9000 MkII. Still haven't gotten the smoothest of color management going, but we managed with a bit of a workaround. More on the reproduction process at a later time (no jokes, please). I'll walk through the photographing of the original, through the printing of the print.

Original measures about 30" wide

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