Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Acquisition: Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II

It arrived a few days ago from California, after a brief visit to Idaho (tip: change your entire address in your online store account profile before placing your order). I've only dabbled with it in the last few days, mostly devoting way too much time to learning about monitor calibration, icc profiles, printer profiles, and such. In the end, after printing only on card stock and some Mohawk Superfine, the Canon Pixma PRO9000 (Mark II) is leaving me very much impressed. Although, I have an illustration that has been giving me fits in trying to get its printed color right, hence all the time learning about color management. I finally got on the right track using a somewhat odd (to me) method, but it could be better. And shouldn't require going some unusual route to get there. Granted, my paper used so far isn't high quality inkjet paper (or at least not marketed as such), and the icc profiles I've used aren't specifically made for the paper I've used, but the four or so other images I have printed were very much on the right track colorwise. While this one illustration has been crazy off. Not yet sure what the issue is. I'll report more on that later, and give more word on the printer once I have a chance to use it enough to say something more. I'll be using it in the next few days for making some book covers (I'm excited about the possibilities), and when I get my Red River Aurora Fine Art paper I'll be making some art prints. This is my kind of thing, tech and art and fine craftsmanship all rolled into one. I feel a little bit giddy inside.

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