Thursday, January 28, 2010

PoGo ala Hockney?

After seeing my previous post, my wife asked if Polaroid makes a bigger PoGo. They don't as yet, but you could go David Hockney with it. The image below is not his work, but is much like it, created by Bob Scoverski. Not made with the PoGo, I don't expect, but digitally. You can see more of Bob's work here or here.

It would be cool to combine this collage style with the handmade effects shown in the photo manipulation video by frenky.

I wanted to show David Hockney's stuff, but the "only authorized" site said I couldn't use his photos anywhere. Even to give him exposure and some link love? 'K? I'll give him a link anyway. David Hockney's only authorized website. Or you can go directly to his composite polaroids.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo Manipulation with the Polaroid PoGo

Until today, I hadn't heard of the Polaroid PoGo (Instant Mobile Printer). Now I want one. And under fifty bucks, might just have to get one. Today.

Edit: My wife asked if Polaroid makes a bigger PoGo. The next post talks about that.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Photo Website, Sort Of recently upgraded their service, and I likeitalot. Now a beautiful portfolio slideshow opens the homepage (instead of being a bunch of dully placed icons that act as a directory for the areas of my site). I'm still exploring the new options, but check it out in the meantime: As of this writing, I have a portait slideshow in the homepage. I'm going to have to get back into doing portraiture. Hmmm, now which other project is going to have to have its time cut to sneak portraiture back in...?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Two new projects

Edit: one project is on indefinite hold, and the other is gently paused. The first may not be returned to (?). The second project most definitely will be returned to.

Two new projects in the works. The biggest, you'll have to wait a little longer to hear about it. But it's big. Real big. "The next big thing" kinda big. Well, maybe, I dunno. At least for me it will be ginormous.

About the other project, you can get a teaser by clicking here. It might be somewhat big, too, who knows. I like the idea though. It's in the works without a certain launch date. It's been brewing in my head for a few months and feel ready to get it going now. Will be working on it as time permits, but hope to have it in working order within the month or so.

Here's to not allowing these two big projects ending up like the the forgotten remains of a giant half-made.