Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leather Journals - Cloth Options

Edit: Please take care and number carefully, first photo is photo one, last is photo four. Number each fabric from left to right. Easy peasy.

For those coming over from etsy, here are your fabric lining options for the lambskin journals.

Choose you first choice, choose your second choice, and let us know in your message to seller at checkout.

Indicate choices by naming the row (the top photo is row one, next photo is row two, etc.), and numbering the fabric from left to right. Also describe it if you would. Supplies are limited, so first come first serve. We'll try to keep this updated, but no guarantees your choice(s) will be available. Thanks!

Click each photo to see them larger

Second photo, third from left (musical instruments) is no longer an option.

The last one (colorful money) is out of stock.

Also, note that the first one in this fourth row turns quite transparent when adhered to the leather, an example of which can be seen on this gray journal. Also, the fourth one in the fourth row (paisley) is no longer an option. Also, the first photo(row one) numbers 2,3 and 5 are no longer available.

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