Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Etsy Busy

So, the Boutique was a bust - zero sales - But Karleigh's shop and my shop on etsy have been smokin of late. Thanks in part to her genius idea to make these lambskin wrap journals ($25, free shipping, different colors available), which we have both been making and have both been listing in our shops. Two days ago I noticed tons of people hearting (favoriting) my shop, and a jump in sales, too. After a google search for my shop, up popped a link to The Storque, etsy's handmade blog. Guess whose photo graced the top of the article? Guess whose book the photo was of?

Another big seller were these rustic tied journals ($21, free shipping), which we made intending to sell like hot cakes at craft shows, but didn't do much there, but have sold quite well on etsy.

While these priced to sell items are doing just that, even the high end books are moving, including this dear skin journal ($76, free shipping) I made with scrap leather, and leftover nideggen paper from two fancy custom artist sketchbooks Karleigh made. Click the photo, and look at the weaved lining I made for the deer skin book:

Karleigh's second year thus far has had triple the sales of her first year. About 100 in year one, to nearly 400 to date. Could year three triple year two?

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