Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First post: Mooving away from the bottle

Okay, a new blog. It'll be abouta whole lotta stuff that interests me, with the intent to be heavy on photography. Here's the first post (not about photography)...

As I listen to my nearly 18 month old son Jadon cry because he wants his bottle as he falls asleep (this is the week we belatedly decided to get him completely off the bottle), I decided to research a bit on what I've only heard about, and that is bottles are bad for the teeth. Figured what I learned would either allow me to give it to him and have a little quiet, or bolster me for the few nights I expect it will take him to go to sleep quietly without a bottle. What I learned has bolstered me. A temporary and ultimately selfish fix is to give the bottle to him. Why is he crying? Because he's sad, of course. Sadness is not bad thing (it is, in fact, necessary), but not learning how to cope with it is. Letting him cry in this situation, allowing him to learn to deal with it, will be an incredible service to him. And in a few nights he'll be sleeping quite nicely without a bottle, with better oral health, and less moolah spent on moo juice to boot.

Here's a few links:

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A picture's worth

The second link above is for those who just have to "be there", in some way, for their child. I completely understand that desire to be there, but I often try to take the most practical course, and for me, sitting next to Jadon as he cries and cries isn't so practical. We're going the macho (and much faster) route and letting him cry it out alone. And he'll actually cry for less time that way, too, sparing him and us. ...Hey, he's asleep already.

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