Thursday, January 28, 2010

PoGo ala Hockney?

After seeing my previous post, my wife asked if Polaroid makes a bigger PoGo. They don't as yet, but you could go David Hockney with it. The image below is not his work, but is much like it, created by Bob Scoverski. Not made with the PoGo, I don't expect, but digitally. You can see more of Bob's work here or here.

It would be cool to combine this collage style with the handmade effects shown in the photo manipulation video by frenky.

I wanted to show David Hockney's stuff, but the "only authorized" site said I couldn't use his photos anywhere. Even to give him exposure and some link love? 'K? I'll give him a link anyway. David Hockney's only authorized website. Or you can go directly to his composite polaroids.

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Bob Scoverski said...

Thanks for linking me into your blog:) I had no idea the Polaroid PoGo existed. Good little video on the possibilities. On a side note, the Vacancy collage is actually half film. It is half film in the sense I found some old slides I took of the motel sign years ago. I was going to do a polaroid transfer type collage with them but never got around to it. Instead I scanned the slides in and then did a digital collage out of it. The scan of the slides produced some nice dirt and scratches on the images which worked well. Cheers, Bob