Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goooooaaal! Renewed.

So, it's been about two and half months since I last posted. My goal of weekly posting, which I almost did for a while there, got set on hold as I set aside not only blogging, but my photography as well. The time that had gone to these activities was swallowed up by my recent efforts at illustration. The thing is, I had to learn how to illustrate. And also to learn the software that I use to finalize those illustrations. So, amidst learning the software, studying other illustrator's work, and working through the tedious process of picking up drawing when I've never done much of it before, all kind of took up lots and lots and lots of my time of late.

And then I went and decided I needed to increase the complexity of my illustrations, which required my developing my own technique so as to emulate to some degree the texturing technique of one of my current favorite illustrators. The thing is, he's hush-hush about his process of adding texture to his work, a process which is unique amongst illustrators insofar as I have seen (and I've been seeing a lot lately), and so I had to go out and figure out a means of emulating what he's doing. I've fairly well got it figured, somewhat, I think, albeit my development of the technique as well as how it relates to my own style is a work in progress that I'm polishing up and likely will continue to evolve for... well, indefinitely if it's to hold my interest for long.

More about all this later. But now, I want to talk about your pain. Coming in the next post. Off to write it now...

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