Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arches National Park, and parts round about

This weekend we went to Moab, visiting my brother and his family who live there.

We hiked, talked late into the night, saw beautiful country, and had a good time. I had forgotten my wide angle lens at home, and so I had to make do with my 70-200 (on a camera with a 1.6x sensor, if you now what that means). Not having a wider angle lens worked out better than I thought it would, and in a way, was better, at least for the above panoramic shot and similar ones I took. Otherwise, I likely would have focused on shooting stuff that was closer, and missed these panoramic opportunities.

Hiking outside Arches National Park

The panoramic at top is in Arches National Park, 10-15 minutes from my brother's house. It's a four shot panoramic of the ancient sand dunes there. I'll soon be making a polished final image, as well as of some others I took from the same vantage point. For now, you may see the large version (width: over 10,000 pixels) of the top image by clicking on it.

Hiking outside Arches National Park

Bouldering in Arches National Park

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